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7. december 2011 at 13:44

Related article: It was Cheap Lorazepam the sixth day of our captivity, which sought to the last time, and now I'm alone. Instead of keeping close to to me and tried to remove from the court, the priest had returned to in the kitchen. I had a sudden idea. I went back quickly and quietly in the kitchen. In the darkness I heard the drink pastor. I pulled into the darkness, and my fingers caught a bottle of Burgundy. for a few minutes there was a fight. The bottle fell to the ground n and broke, and I refrained and stood up. We stood panting and threatening to each other. In the end I stood between him and the food, and I told him of my decision to begin a discipline. I shared the of food in the larder, rations to last us 10 days. I would not allow to eat that day. In the afternoon we made ​​a feeble attempt a food. I had fallen asleep, but at a time when he was awake. all day and all night we sat face to face, I weary but firm, and cried for ad complain about their immediate hunger. It was, I know, one day y one night, but I found it - it seems now - an infinite length of time. And so our extended incompatibility ended in open conflict. For two days we have great difficulty in nuances and wrestling competitions. There were times he was beaten and kicked madly, when I cajoled time and convinced him, and when I tried to bribe him with the last bottle of Burgundy, having a pump rainwater I get water. But neither force nor kindness advantage, was in fact out of reason. Relinquish any of their attacks to food or his noisy babbling to himself. The rudimentary precautions s in our prison bearable was not observed. Gradually I began to recognize the complete defeat of his intelligence, sense that my only companion in dark and sickly is of a madman. of some vague memories I am inclined to think Cheap Lorazepam in my own mind wandered at times. I had takene and horrible dreams when asleep. It may seem paradoxical, but I am inclined to believe that the weakness of n and the madness of the priest warned me, pushed me and gave me a reasonable people. On the eighth day he began to speak out loud instead of whispering, and nothing s I could do was moderate his speech. " is that,Oh God! " He said, again and again. "It will be only. On me and mine is the punishment established. We have sinned, we have overcome. There was also poverty, suffering, who were poor trampled in the dust, and I kept silent. I preached acceptable folly - my God, What nonsense - if he had risen, but died for them, and called them to repentance - remorse... oppressors of the poor and need. winepress of God.. " n Then suddenly the question of eating, I held back him, prayed and begged and cried and finally threatening. He began to raise your voice - I do not pray. It was an influence on me - I screamed and threatened to bring the Martians orput us. For a time that scares me, but Cheap Lorazepam any concession that have shortened our chance to have escape over the estimate. I challenged him, but do not guarantee that he felt

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